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Anna Zakletska it is me  Ukrainian television and radio presenter, public figure, volunteer, researcher of folklore and paganism – Ukrainian culture and traditions in a pre-Christian reading.

Many years ago, playing a journalist, I recorded various stories of my grandmother on my recorder. About weaving, witchcraft, philosophy of life, rites, laws of life, the source of happiness and meanings for which we were incarnated.

Later, while studying to be a political scientist and psychotherapist, working in the field of political technologies and psychology, I began to compare my grandmother’s stories with my life experience.

At the same time, I did not stop field expeditions and study of native folklore – both personally and as part of the family vocal and choreographic ensemble “Zernyatko”.

I decided to write down everything I learned in a book – for my descendants. So that no one ever lie to them about their origin, roots, language, traditions, native holidays and customs. “Your shirt is closer to your body “ – they say in Ukraine. His shirt is a native egregor, which consists of everything native and close.

Respecting others is a necessary and excellent skill. But how can you expect your flower to bloom if you water someone else’s roots? So I dared to share my knowledge, which I know from my grandmother, with the world.